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Run Portland was founded in 2009 to develop three aspects of the running community in the Portland metropolitan area:
1. Provide school and community based running programs for middle and elementary school students in the Portland metropolitan area
2. Bring the running community at large to the youth running programs in the form of
coaches, volunteers, mentors and supporters
3. Create a training club for emerging national class runners in the middle and long
distances that provides financial support to allow these athletes to develop their athletic
potential while they mentor and coach the athletes in our youth or community programs


Vision Statement

Run Portland utilizes three arms to it’s organization to carry out its mission of providing developmental running programs for youth, recreational and elite runners. Run Portland envisions an active elementary and middle school population that enjoys running as an act of play and makes running a sport of choice. Run Portland sees its recreational running community in need of expert coaching, group training and educational seminars.

Furthermore, Run Portland aims to provide the resources and information for schools, business and communities to develop their own running programs. Run Portland will provide resources for a competitive developmental team that will train to be among the best runners in the nation.

The elite squad will ‘close the loop’ in the running community by giving of their time to coach and mentor the youth runners and participate in weekly group runs and in seminars to alongside our recreational runners. This is all in the effort to encourage participation in running as a lifelong fitness activity and to enhance the knowledge, appreciation and fanaticism for the sport of running as a whole.


Values Statement

At Run Portland we believe…

  • American distance runners have the ability to be among the best in the world with the proper development and opportunity for their talents.
  • Running is the best means to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle (fitness, nutrition and positive self image) habits in American children when introduced as adolescents.
  • Running is one of the most approachable forms of healthful cardiovascular exercise and should be promoted to the members of our community at large as an enjoyable and sociable activity when done with proper guidance.
  • A comprehensive running community provides a strong support network for all its members to participate in a sport they enjoy and provide resources for others to succeed with their goals in running.
  • A successful running community is one in which its members have knowledge and respect for the abilities and accomplishments of all its participants.