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Hey RP!

I’m extremely excited to announce the renewal of our partnership with LOFITT! They will be providing a ton of awesome benefits to RP members (details below).

Including leading a dynamic warm-up before the track workout the second Tuesday of every month (tonight is the first one), including a Q/A session for any of those pesky injury/training questions you’ve had. So come out to the track, or give them a call or email ( to book an appointment.

  • One Free Injury Assessment/Athlete Screen (this is a screen to determine the cause or diagnosis of an injury or can be used for injury prevention purposes)
  • 50% off one Running/Gait Analysis (we will be using the Optogait System starting sometime in the spring
  • Discount on use of Alter G treadmill (
  • Second Tuesday of each month Enhanced Track Sessions : PT lead dynamic warm up + Q and A.
  • Core Strength informational night at the clinic w/ food and drink (date to be announced)
  • 1 free intro massage (30 min) + discount on future massages (more details to come on this.  The massage component would likely start in the springtime end of March/early April)

Just one more great perk of being an RP member, so renew your membership today!

Martin Dieterich
Director of Run Portland